It’s Kind of Fun to Do The Impossible

Chairman of the Board/CEO

Letitia Williams


Jonathan Williams

Letitia and Jonathan Williams are the Directors of Against Global Hunger based in Tulsa, OK since July 2020. They were entrusted with the ministry from the founding leaders, Marshall and Sherry Horn, after 15+ years of operation. Their personal philosophy and mission is to be a conduit for the blessings of God to reach those in need. They aim to serve their community locally and around the globe with basic needs in order to deliver tangible help and hope through community driven service programs. They’ve been a team in life and business since 2007 and currently live in Muskogee with their 4 beautiful children.

Jonathan and Letitia

Board of Trustees

Vice President

Dr. Gary Lee

Gary Lee Vice President

2nd Vice President

Jimmy Jones

Jimmy Jones 2nd Vice President

2nd Secretary

Melissa Wells-Lee

Melissa Lee Secretary


Gary Majors

Gary Majors Trustee


Colleen Majors

Colleen Majors TrusteeBookkeeper


Yvonne Jones

Yvonne Jones Chaplain
Marshall Horn Founder
Sherry Horn Secretary Treasurer


Marshall & Sherry Horn

This dynamic couple has been married for 35 years. They began their journey together as art and antique dealers. Family, business and ministry have always co-existed.

Marshall began his ministry at age 3 singing on his mother’s radio program. His leading in song and worship has taken him into many arenas with evangelical preachers from around the world.

Sherry’s strong communications and ability to reach the heart of people has taken them into countless areas of missions and outreach. 

Both are ordained Missionary Evangelists with more than 80 years of ministry, and continue to serve as an ambassador for this organization.