It’s Kind of Fun to Do The Impossible

Ordained missionary evangelists with more than 80 years of ministry.

Marshall Horn Founder
Sherry Horn Secretary Treasurer


Marshall & Sherry Horn

This dynamic couple has been married for 35 years. They began their journey together as art and antique dealers. Family, business and ministry have always co-existed.

Marshall began his ministry at age 3 singing on his mother’s radio program. His leading in song and worship has taken him into many arenas with evangelical preachers from around the world.

Sherry’s strong communications and ability to reach the heart of people has taken them into countless areas of missions and outreach. Her education and experience in accounting keeps her busy as the Secretary Treasurer and lead administrator of this organization.

Both are ordained as Missionary Evangelists. With more than 80 years of ministry, Marshall continues to serve as an ambassador for this organization.

In 2020, he appointed his successor as Chairman of the Board. Both Marshall and Sherry continue to serve on the voting Board of Trustees as a founding, life-long members.

Chairman of the Board/CEO

Letitia Williams

Letitia joined the Board of Trustees in July 2020 as successor to Marshall Horn.

With 22 years of experience in business management and financial accounting, she has extensive knowledge in building businesses from the ground up including fiscal accountability and project management.

Besides business operations, she is a professional organizer and as VP and Project Manager for multiple organizations, has overseen countless scopes of work including schedules, risk assessment, quality control, financial budgets, asset management, policy and procedures, marketing, etc.

Since 2016, Letitia has served in every area of Against Global Hunger, Inc. She has been a volunteer, advisory board member, committee chair and lead multiple start up projects to their full completion.

Letitia is a mother to 4 biological and 1+ “adopted” children, who she adores.  Her heart is to serve and to help others fulfill their great purposes.

Letitia Williams Chairman


Jonathan Williams

Jonathan Williams was born and raised in Greenville, KY until his family moved to Destin, FL at the age of ten.

Growing up in a tourist area, his education and background lead him in the direction of construction and handy-man services. In 2009, he and his wife started Maid to Maintain, Corp, a cleaning and maintenance company in Destin.

His abilities to fix or build absolutely anything lead him to construction missions in Africa and Ecuador. He fell in love with missions and has a deep desire to do as much as he can to help others near and far. Jonathan and Letitia have 4 biological children and many others who they love like their own.

Anyone who knows Jonathan knows this about him, he is a dedicated father & husband and easily the hardest worker you will ever meet. He lives to deliver help and hope to anyone in need.

Jonathan Williams President

Vice President

Dr. Gary Lee

Gary Lee Vice President

2nd Vice President

Jimmy Jones

Jimmy Jones 2nd Vice President

2nd Secretary

Melissa Wells-Lee

Melissa Lee Secretary


Gary Majors

Gary Majors Trustee


Colleen Majors

Colleen Majors TrusteeBookkeeper


Yvonne Jones

Yvonne Jones Chaplain