COVID-19 Updates

In Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Against Global Hunger takes 


Although we have always held high standards for packaging events, in response to the Coronavirus outbreak and in order to safely continue gathering in a group setting to package this much needed food, we implemented even more safety measures.

All volunteers and staff are required to use hand sanitizer before and during the event. Temperature checks taken at registration. Everyone is required to wear masks, hair nets, disposable aprons, and disposable gloves. We also follow the recommendation for social distancing which limits the number of staff and volunteers at any event. All tables, packaging utensils, and equipment are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after each event. 

According to “there is no evidence of food or food packaging being associated with transmission of COVID-19. Facilities are required to use personnel practices that protect against contamination of food, food contact surfaces and packaging and to maintain clean and sanitized facilities and food contact surfaces.”


Due to the financial hardships created by Covid-19 shut-downs and job loss, the need for domestic food distributions increased tremendously beginning in March of 2020.

Panic buying left vulnerable senior citizens and low-income individuals at a disadvantage since many struggle to afford immediate needs and could not stock up before shelves were emptied

Since the restrictions also stopped our ability to package food, AGH began responding to the increased need to food banks, churches, food pantries and other social service groups by delivering our emergency food reserves to those requesting charitable food assistance. 

In 2021, reports continue to increase the number of food insecure individuals and families in the U.S. 

Covid-19 statistics show the secondary affects will cause more people to die each day from hunger and malnutrition than from virus infections.


Natural, Social and Economic Disasters like those which took place in 2020 remind us of the need for emergency food reserves. Since the food we package is non-perishable, with an extended shelf life it can be safely stored for such a time as this. 

Our commitment is to reserve a portion of all food packaged in order to be prepared to meet desperate needs in times of disaster. 

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