Volunteers, Organizations Continue to Help Against Global Hunger Reach Its Goals

For more than 20 years, AGH has provided over 14 million meals to those starving around the world

Since starting in 2001, Against Global Hunger has been on a mission to feed the world’s hungry and malnourished, and volunteers have played a large role in their efforts.

From community groups to church organizations, AGH has depended on volunteers to help feed the hungry. 

Volunteers, Organizations Continue to Help Against Global Hunger Reach Its Goals

Making a Difference

We focus on community service by allowing youth of all ages to participate in the team activity of packaging high-nutrition food for humanitarian aid. The food is distributed to local families, food banks, charities, and caseworkers who then distribute it to those in desperate need. 

There are close to a billion people in the world living in hunger, and Against Global Hunger exists to reduce those numbers. Their goal has never wavered, and we fight to significantly reduce the number of starving and malnourished families in our community. 

Volunteers are the Lifeblood

kids against hunger global Community Church Food Packaging

Volunteer groups and those looking to fulfill community service obligations are always welcome to help package food, and churches and community organizations often help, as well.

The volunteers and organizations team up with AGH to package highly nutritious food and distribute it right here in Oklahoma and around the United States.

Against Global Hunger works with missionaries, humanitarian organizations, and other partners around the world to get this much-needed food into the hands of those who need it most. Partnerships are the lifeblood of this organization. We cannot do it without caring volunteers and donors.

Students that want to bolster a college application can help package high-nutrition, non-perishable food items to fill local food pantries for their communities. 

If your company staff, business, or organization needs to fulfill any community service projects, we are always looking for help with our charitable food distribution.

For example, a small private school in Muskogee recently inspired community partners to raise funds and help package over 12,000 meals for local food banks. A group of about 20 students and several volunteers from local businesses teamed up to package food for their neighbors. In about two hours this group was able to package thousands of meals, which were immediately distributed to local charity food programs. 

To volunteer with Against Global Hunger, call 918-392-5160 or email us at kidsagainstglobalhunger@gmail.com

Kids Should Not Go Without

Over the past several years, the schools have been greatly disrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The students who rely on school breakfast and lunch programs are going without nutritious meals each and every day. AGH’s goal is to fill the school pantries in order for those students in need to receive food to take home to their family. 

A Different Approach

volunteers packaging nutritional food supplies

The approach of Against Global Hunger is different from other feeding programs that only seek to fill a child’s stomach.

We use the highest nutrition possible and quality ingredients in order to reverse the effects of malnutrition and starvation in the human body. With protein, vitamins and minerals, and important amino acids, this food feeds the brain, as well as the body, enabling children to go to school and learn.

AGH aims to feed the recipient’s mind, body, and spirit. 

A commitment to the volunteer-driven model inspires community groups to package life-saving meals. The packaging event is educational, engaging and meaningful. Because of this volunteer model, AGH projects have distributed over 14 million meals of specially-formulated food to hungry families in the United States and to malnourished and starving children in over 80 countries around the world.

AGH has also been very quick in reaching out to areas that have suffered natural disasters, economic hardships, and refugee communities where living conditions are unstable and unsafe.

To volunteer with Against Global Hunger, call 918-392-5160 or email us at kidsagainstglobalhunger@gmail.com