Against Global Hunger Prepares to Deliver 100,000 Meals to People Facing Food Shortages

Against Global Hunger, Tulsa, wants to help local families and individuals currently experiencing food shortages. 


Tulsa’s chapter of Against Global Hunger helps to fill the gap for families in food crises.

Currently, the organization is working to package 100,000 meals to be delivered to families facing a food shortage in the Tulsa area.

The mission of Against Global Hunger is to reduce the number of hungry children in the nation and to feed starving children around the globe.

Against Global Hunger is a Christian humanitarian feeding organization, “motivating youth of all ages to volunteer their time and resources to assemble a high nutrition dehydrated food package. This life-sustaining food contains 21 vitamins and minerals and can be produced for 35 cents per meal. This food helps families to boost their immune system and maintain their health,” according to spokesperson Sherry Horn.

Thanks to numerous volunteers and charitable organizations, Against Global Hunger is able to package and distribute highly nutritious food.

The food is distributed locally and around the world. Some fast facts about the food packages include:

  • To date, Against Global Hunger has distributed over 14 million meals consisting of their specially formulated foods to starving families in over 80 countries. 
  • The food packages have a shelf life of three years, so families can safely store it for whenever it is needed. 
  • Approximately half of the food is sent overseas to developing or impoverished countries, areas suffering natural disasters, or countries affected by war. 
  • The other half of the food stays in the US and is distributed to families facing food shortages. 
  • In a single year, the organization has provided over 535,000 meals to local food banks.

Packaging the food is an essential part of this organization. Churches, schools, sports teams, youth groups, or any charitable organization can help do this by visiting their food packaging page and signing up.

The packaging process is safe and easy for anyone age 4 and up! Against Global Hunger works with missionaries, humanitarian organizations, and other partners around the world to get this food to those who need it most.

But the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way Against Global Hunger is able to do fundraising. Distribution of food packages has slowed due to food packaging limits.

Nevertheless, the organization and its generous volunteers work tirelessly with local food banks, churches, and outreaches to distribute food to the local communities.

Tulsa’s chapter of Against Global Hunger was formed in 2006 by Marshall and Sherry Horn. “We fell in love with this vision and what the organization was doing, and we wanted to be a part of it,” Sherry says.

Recently, founder Marshall Horn formally resigned as Chairman of the Board and his successor, Letitia Williams, was appointed.

Horn intends to remain very active and supportive of the ministry, and will retain his title of CEO.

The slate of officers, as voted on by the Board of Trustees on July 9, 2020, is as follows:

  • Chairperson- Letitia Williams
  • President- Jonathan Williams
  • Vice President-Dr. Gary Lee
  • 2nd Vice President- Jimmy Jones
  • Secretary Treasurer- Sherry Horn
  • 2nd Secretary- Melissa Lee
  • Chaplin- Yvonne Jones
  • Trustee-Gary Majors
  • Trustee-Colleen Majors

Anyone experiencing a food crisis or interested in volunteering should contact:

Against Global Hunger
Sherry Horn
(918) 392-5150