Against Global Hunger Press Release April 2020

Tulsa’s Against Global Hunger Still Working Against Food Insecurity Despite New Covid-19 Restrictions

Against Global Hunger is a Tulsa non-profit charitable organization with a 21-year history of successfully working against food insecurity by distributing pre-packaged meals to needy people, both locally and globally.

That battle has never been an easy one. But faced with the new restrictions necessarily put in place to help shut down the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, Against Global Hunger is encountering stronger headwinds and more obstacles than ever before.

The organization is built around the idea that fighting food insecurity is a long, uphill battle. It can be won only with the help of many supporters and volunteers who are willing to do a little extra to compensate for the food shortages others experience.

Committed as ever to distributing foods to hungry populations in all parts of the world, the organization is calling on its established donors, and perhaps some new ones, for additional resources to help it make headway in the continuing fight against hunger and starvation.

Against Global Hunger has always been recognized for its excellence in food purity and hygiene, which traditionally includes the consistent use of hand sanitizers, hairnets, gloves, and aprons by staff who toil long hours to obtain and package food for needy people.

However, the new Covid-19 guidelines against gathering or working in groups now mean the organization is no longer able to prepare food for distribution in the same ways it has done successfully for so many years.

For example, volunteers and staff gathering for “packaging events” have been a mainstay of the organization’s food-handling methodology, in a real sense the lifeblood of its charitable work. Bringing large numbers of people together to sort, stack, and package food for mass distribution to those in needy areas proved to be the most effective, efficient, and sustainable approach to fulfilling the organization’s mission.

Now that method is no longer available.

With Covid-19 requirements that limit working groups to 10 or fewer people in place now and for the foreseeable future, and with physical distancing of six feet or more between those people mandated as a non-negotiable safety practice, Against Global Hunger unfortunately finds itself forced to develop new strategies and tactics for gathering and distributing vital food supplies to those who need it the most.

In the short time they have been in force, these new restrictions have put Against Global Hunger under huge new logistical and financial strains.

Even so, in the last month the organization has distributed more than 25,000 meals, nearly half of them to people in local communities in and around Tulsa. They are preparing to provide over 100,000 meals in Tulsa alone.

For example, a Native American tribe that regularly fell through the cracks of the social safety net now receives food from Against Global Hunger to help them sustain life in these difficult times.

Against Global Hunger also provides a steady flow of prepackaged meals to individuals and families who call for help to feed themselves or their neighbors.

In addition, many different agencies work hard to make sure the underprivileged people they serve can fill the gaps in their food budgets with meals provided by Against Global Hunger.

That’s a big reason why the organization distributes much of its food to churches and other charities that put the prepackaged meals directly into the hands of the neediest people in their service areas – men, women, and children who would otherwise go hungry. One ministry, for example, regularly cooks and serves Against Global Hunger’s balanced meals to provide life-saving daily nutrition for large numbers of people.

Around the town and around the globe, Against Global Hunger has been working tirelessly against human hunger for over two decades. The charity recently provided 6,480 meals for hungry people living in Mexico, and shipped another 7,128 meals to Rick Altizer Ministries in Hawaii to feed a camp of homeless children there. Other streams of prepackaged meals go out to Haiti, India, Israel, and refugees from Syria.

Against Global Hunger intends to keep working hard to feed them all.

Although the nation and the world are in a health-care crisis, there’s nevertheless a continuing and widespread concern for people experiencing food insecurity. Despite the difficulties, the people of Tulsa and beyond are second to none in their willingness to pull together as one in order to ensure everyone they can possibly reach has the food (and other services) they need.

All the people at Against Global Hunger feel privileged to be a part of the “serve our neighbors” mentality that is currently helping to sustain so many thousands.

Fundraising on behalf of Against Global Hunger takes place at this website:

With so much trouble in the world, the dedicated staff, board members, supporters, and volunteers associated with Against Global Hunger are unwavering in their efforts to end world hunger where and when they can. Won’t you join them?

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